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Why the mini jug of the Froothie Optimum G2.3 TOTALLY rocks!

Why the mini jug of the Froothie Optimum G2.3 Totally Rocks!

I’ve been testing out the Froothie Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender for a few months now, and one of my favourite things about it is that, as well as getting the regular 2 litre capacity jug, you also get a a cool mini 1 litre version too.

It’s a single serve blending jug specifically designed to rotate and achieve a thick blend.  It immediately struck me how useful this is when you only want to make small quantities. For me it’s great for when one of the boys wants to make themselves a smoothie – as they’re not tempted to pile in too many ingredients and leave me without any milk for my morning coffee!

I also love it for making small amounts of pesto for a single meal as it’s super easy to scrape it out of the smaller jug. A quick blast of a stale bread roll for instant breadcrumbs, or a nifty pulse of some dried herbs to make a powder. It’s just so great being able to work with small quantities.

Of course the larger jug is still in daily use in my house for making our breakfast smoothies, blitzing soups and making quick cheese sauce. And we also love the spatula that’s super nifty at shifting thicker ingredients from under the blades.

Other fans of the mini jug…

I thought I’d ask my fellow Froothie Ambassadors how they were getting on with their “little” friends.

Choclette Ammar of “It’s just brilliant for making hummus. You can turn the lid as it’s blending which rotates the side scrapers and stops the whole thing gumming up.”

Tracy Knatt of “My little one is still keen on very fine purees (7 months old) so it’s great for whizzing up portions of our meals for him when I don’t want to batch cook.”

Chris Mosler of “It’s brilliant for sauces and patés, cashew cream and vegan mayo. The side scrapers make blending a breeze and its small stature means I can make small quantities easily.”

Give it a try!

The Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series

If you’re sold on the idea of trying out the mini jug for yourself, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Froothie Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender is included in the Huge Spring Sale. It’s reduced from £599 down to £379. You get a 30 Day Trial to have a play and if you don’t like it there’s a Money Back Guarantee (Includes Return Postage Costs!)

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