8 Post-Workout Blender Soups

vegan post workout blender soups

A healthy lifestyle needs more than a healthy diet – it needs fitness and exercise too to keep you in tip-top condition. Unless you’re running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest, it isn’t always necessary to eat before a workout but it’s of vital importance to eat after one. In this post, we’ll share with you some of our ambassadors’ soups that are perfect for a post-workout meal or snack.

Why you need to eat after a workout

Working out leaves your muscles fuel-starved and depleted of glycogen, which is glucose stored in the muscles and used as a source of energy. As well as your glycogen levels being down, reduced immunity can occur after exercise, and your muscles will need to repair and recover too. To aid this recovery, you need to eat as soon as possible after a workout – the optimum time is within thirty minutes, but if you can’t manage this then try to eat within two hours. When we say ‘eat as soon as possible’, we don’t mean ‘grab a Mars Bar from the vending machine on the way out of the gym and eat it on the way home’, but to eat something healthy containing carbs, protein, and electrolytes including potassium and sodium. If this all sounds a touch too scientific and more like something you’d find in a protein shake, then think again, because you can get all of these essential post-workout nutrients in a simple, nourishing soup.

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Why soup is a great post-workout meal or snack 

It’s easy to let your brain trick you into thinking eating straight after a workout is undoing all the effort you put into your exercise, but soups are low-fat and low-calorie, making them an ideal post-workout meal. Plus, if you don’t like to eat anything too heavy or substantial after a workout, soup is light and easy to digest and, as by definition a soup is made of liquid, it’s a nutrient-packed and tasty way to rehydrate too.

Soup in six minutes 

After a workout, it can seem a lot easier to just grab a protein bar, smoothie or shake, but soup is quick and easy to make – you can even make soups from start to finish in around six minutes in a high speed blender, such as our most powerful blender – the Froothie Optimum G2.1. To save even more time, you can make a big batch of soup and store individual portions in the fridge or freezer until needed and, speaking of freezers, frozen veg is just as good as fresh.

Which soups are good for after a workout? 

Soups containing carbs (such as sweet potato, peas and corn) for glycogen replenishment, protein (such as tofu, lentils and nuts) for muscle repair and recovery, and electrolytes including potassium and sodium (such as mushrooms, spinach and soya milk) are all ideal. Below are eight post-workout blender soups that are not only tasty and nutritious but they’ll help you recover and recuperate after exercise.

1. Broccoli & Cheese Blender Soup (Vegan) 

vegan broccoli and cheese blender soup

The ‘cheese’ in this vegan broccoli and cheese blender soup comes from nutritional yeast (also known as ‘nooch’) which is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids that humans must get from food. This, coupled with the broccoli which, being a dark leafy vegetable is a great source of protein, makes this soup a great post-workout meal. As an added bonus, it’s made solely in our G2.1 high speed blender, saving on the washing up.

Get the recipe at Yumsome.

2. Green Power Soup (Vegan) 

Green power soup

As the name suggests, this soup is a powerhouse of nutrients. It’s got antioxidant-rich pumpkin seeds, broccoli for iron, magnesium and potassium, miso for sodium, and sprouts for dietary fibre.

Get the recipe at Coconut and Berries.

3. Tomato and Sweetcorn Blender Soup (Vegan)

Tomato and sweetcorn blender soup

Just five raw ingredients straight into the blender made this vegan tomato and sweetcorn blender soup, making it as easy a soup as it’s possible to be. Tomatoes contain a compound called lycopene, which helps glucose levels return to normal after exercise, and sweetcorn contains manganese which strengthens connective tissue.

Get the recipe at Scottish Mum.

4. Asparagus and Swiss Chard Soup (Vegan) 

Asparagus and swiss chard soup

Dark leafy vegetables such as Swiss chard are ideal for a post-workout soup as they provide antioxidants which can aid muscle recovery and help decrease inflammation. Asparagus is an excellent source of essential vitamins and contains 70% of the recommend amount of Vitamin K which keeps your bones strong and healthy.

Get the recipe at Planet Veggie.

5. Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Maple-Glazed Chickpeas (Vegan) 

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Maple-Glazed Chickpeas

This vegan soup gets its creaminess from the cashews which are a fantastic source of muscle-repairing protein, while the starchy carbs in the butternut squash will help restore your glycogen levels. The chickpeas aren’t just a tasty garnish – they’re a combination of carbs and protein in one handy little pea-shaped package.

Get the recipe at Bit of the Good Stuff.

6. Spicy Carrot and Lentil Soup (Vegan) 

spicy carrot and lentil soup

Lentils may have a tree-hugging-hippy reputation but they’re surprisingly good for post-workout recovery, being a perfect combination of carbs and protein, along with being high in fibre.

Get the recipe at Planet Veggie.

7. Cumin, Fennel and Beetroot Soup (Vegan) 

cumin, fennel and beetroot soup

Beetroot is an absolute must when it comes to exercise – pre or post. Have a beetroot shot or add some to a smoothie before your workout to give yourself an extra boost and use it in a post-workout soup to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

Get the recipe at Food to Glow.

8. Spicy Moroccan Chickpea Soup (Vegan) 

spicy Moroccan chickpea soup

As mentioned before, chickpeas are a tidy pea-shaped package of carbs and protein and therefore perfect for a post-workout soup. This vegan blender soup also contains sweet potatoes which contain copper that maintains healthy muscles and replenishes energy levels. Sweet potatoes are also high in fibre which means you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Get the recipe at Easy Peasy Foodie.

What type of blender should I use to make soup? 

You can of course use any blender to make soup and a stick blender will do if that’s all your budget allows, but, for silky-smooth restaurant-quality soup, then a high powered blender is what you need – especially if you’re time-starved and love the idea of making soup from start to finish in a blender in six minutes. Our Froothie Optimum G2.1 blender is our most powerful and advanced blender making it ideal not only for soup but smoothies, nut milk and anything else you’d usually use a blender for and more (it can even grind paving stones but we don’t recommend you do that in your kitchen!)

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