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Juisir - Innovative Bag Operated Cold Press Juicer With Zero Cleaning & Maximum Juice


A Technological Breakthrough : 

8 tons of pushing force will cold press your fruits and vegetables giving you more healthy juice than any other juicer on the market and will require ZERO cleaning.

See juisir in action: zero cleaning & maximum cold press juice.




how does it work?

1.Put fruits or vegetables into either a single use bag or multiple use bag. Both bags are made from 100% natural cotton - Biodegradable & Renewable.

2.Place the bag into JUISIR

3.Push the button and 90 seconds later, enjoy a glass of freshly pressed juice

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what makes jusir the best option

why juisir

The 10 reasons for choosing JUISIR


Thanks to our specially designed JUISIR bags, the fruit itself never touches the machine, meaning JUISIR never needs to be cleaned.


Using up to about 8 tons of force, the juice yield of JUISIR is higher than traditional juicers you can find in stores.


There is no heat produced during the juicing process of cold pressing, this helps to reduce the oxidation and decomposition of nutrients.


Juicing at home with JUISIR is the most cost effective way to juice, with homemade juices up to 50% cheaper when compared with store-bought fresh juices.


JUISIR produces 100% pure juice with no pulpy residues of fruits and vegetables, delivering better texture and taste of juice.


One cup at a time, you don’t need to worry about the excess juices and the storage problems anymore.


The elegant and clean look makes JUISIR become one of the highlights in your kitchen.


Enjoy cold press juice, at simply the push of a button and in just 90 seconds.


JUISIR is quieter than other traditional juicers.


Our juicing bags allow you to DIY your own juice packs and vary your juice recipes with different preferences and health needs.

How does it work? 

It 's really easy. Choose either a desposable or reusable juicing bag, simply chop fruits and vegetables according to your recipe, and put them into the juicing bag, if you want to make juice immediately, then directly place the juicing bag into the machine, but if you want to use it later, then use food sealed clips to seal the juicing bag and store it in the fridge for later use.

Can I use other plastics bags to replace the juicing bags? 

As JUISIR will produce a force of about 8 tonnes, our juicing bag is specially designed to withstand such large pressure. Other plastics bags that you can find in stores would burst if you use them with JUISIR. 

How to use the reusable juicing bags?

The reusable bags are split into two individual parts - the silicone outer bag and the 100% cotton filter. Place the cotton filter into the silicone outer bag and then follow the usual procedures. After juicing, take out the used cotton filter and discard it. The outer bag? Simply rinse it and you’re good to go again. All in all, there is no cleaning required for the machine. 

How much are the extra bags? 
Disposable bags are sold at £14.70 for 30 bags (3 uses each)  & reusable bag are costed at £19.95 (1000+ uses) & 30 cotton refills are £7.95 (3 uses each)
When is JUISIR available to purchase? 
You can purchase your JUISIR now on this page, the machines will be available for delivery in June 2017.

How much does each juice cost?

10 pence per juice (cost of bags & filters)

Can I Juice leafy greens?

Yes you can it works much better than normal juicers.

Does the juisir plug into mains ?

Yes it does as standard.

Is there a recommended size of chopped pieces ?

Chop fruit and vegetables into pieces roughly the size of a 50p coin for maximum yield

What is the capacity of the juicing bags?

Each bag can contain up to 350g raw product and around 250ml juice.

Why is no cleaning required ?

Juisir works with uniquely designed juicing bags with completely separate fruit and vegetables from the machine, meaning juisir itself never needs to be cleaned. Saving you up to 20mins each time you juice.

How loud is the machine?

It is about 40-50 Db in operation.

How long does a juice take to make? 
After one press of a button just 90 seconds for 8 tons of pressure to squeeze out your juice ready to drink or refrigerate.

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